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Pest Control in Sterling Virginia

Recon Pest Control is your trusted partner in safeguarding homes and businesses in Sterling, VA. Nestled in Loudoun County, Sterling is known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant community. Our mission is to provide top-notch pest control services to this dynamic region, ensuring a pest-free and healthy environment for all residents and businesses.

Family-Safe Pest Solutions

At Recon Pest Control, we prioritize your family’s safety with our family-safe pest solutions. Our methods are designed to effectively control pests while ensuring the utmost safety for your loved ones. We understand the importance of a pest-free home without compromising on health and safety.  Our Defense Home 365 Pest Control Service includes:

  • A home foundation barrier spray to keep pests out
  • Yard granular guard to continually keep pests away from your home
  • Crack and crevice treatment to eliminate insects where they’re known to hide
  • Eave sweeping to remove spider webs and insect nests from your home
  • Inside the house treatment can be requested to treat the bugs that have already made a home inside your home.

Locally Owned & Operated Pest Control in Sterling, VA

Your local Recon Pest Control office is here in Northern Virginia and operated by customers that have lived in the area for over 20 years.

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Our health-conscious extermination services are focused on promoting a healthier living environment in Sterling. By eliminating pests that can carry diseases and allergens, we contribute to the wellbeing of your household and the wider community.

Eco-Friendly Pest Management

We are committed to preserving Sterling’s natural beauty through eco-friendly pest management practices. Our environmentally conscious methods not only combat pests effectively but also protect the local ecosystem, contributing to a greener and healthier Sterling.

Trusted Sterling Exterminators

Recon Pest Control is renowned as a trusted exterminator in Sterling. Our team of professionals has extensive local knowledge and experience, making us uniquely equipped to handle Sterling’s specific pest challenges.

Comprehensive Pest Inspection Services

We offer thorough pest inspection services to identify and address any potential issues in your property. Our comprehensive approach ensures no pest goes unnoticed, providing you with peace of mind and a pest-free environment.

Pest Control In Sterling VA

Customized Pest Control Plans

Understanding that every home and business in Sterling is unique, we offer customized pest control plans. Tailored to meet your specific needs and concerns, our plans ensure effective and efficient pest management for your property.

Don’t let pests disrupt your peace of mind in Sterling, VA. Contact Recon Pest Control today for a free consultation and take advantage of our exclusive 50% off offer on your first service. Reach out to us at 703-435-5677 or visit our contact page to schedule your service. Let us help you maintain a healthy, pest-free environment in your Sterling home or business.